Year 5 visit to Woodhorn Museum

26th February 2020

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Woodhorn Museum today. As part of our new topic, ‘Fire Damp and Davy Lamps’ we visited e mining museum to learn all about the life of a miner and what actually working in a mine involved.


Splitting off into two groups, children took part in three workshops: A Day in the Life of a Miner, The Colliery Tour, and The Pitmen Painters.


We got to experience what it was like inside a mine as we crawled through tight tunnels and tried on helmets and knee pads. We also got to see how deep a mine shaft was (888 feet!) and saw the actual engine that operated the lifts turned on and functioning.


One of the highlights though was seeing the works of the Pitmen Painters close up, especially as this is something we’re going to be studying later this term.


Everyone had a fantastic time, and the information everyone learned today will proved invaluable over the coming weeks.