Goodbye Miss Byrne

18th June 2019
Goodbye Miss Byrne!
All of Year 5 would like to wish Miss Byrne all the luck in the world, especially in her future within the teaching profession! The class have loved her teaching and will miss her greatly. 
Some of the children have left messages for Miss Byrne.
"Miss Byrne has been a great addition towards this class, this year. She always had a positive attitude when she was teaching and controlled the class well, without exploding into a hot mess on the floor! I will miss her greatly and I wish her good luck in the future!" - Catherine
"I have been delighted to have had Miss Byrne as a teacher - for two years in a row - and she has been a huge part of my school year :), I am devastated she is leaving :(!" - Lucas
"Miss Byrne, we have had so much fun with you especially in rounders. You have been an awesome addition to the class and Year 5 will miss you!" - James
"Miss Byrne has been amazing the past few months. She has pushed me to my goal/limits. She's the best, she always goes out of her way to help me. I will miss her very much and I hope she gets the job of her dreams. I wish her the best of luck! :)" - Ava 
"We will miss her because she was a great teacher and was very helpful to me. She is brilliant. She is superb. She is outstanding! Whenever I am stuck, she is there to help me :) She teaches great lessons!" - Mose
Miss Byrne was and always will be a fantastic teacher. In Year 4, Miss Byrne was an amazing part of our class. Later on, she returned for Year 5 and we were overjoyed. As time flew by, I had to lead to this day. We will miss you Miss Byrne! Good Luck!" - Marysia