Year 1 welcome a very special visitor!

27th February 2020
Welcoming the Mayor to Year 1
This week, Year 1 were lucky enough to welcome The Worshipful The Mayor of Gateshead Councillor Hood to their classroom. He was acompanied by the Mayoress, Mrs Hood, and the official mace barer. It was important that the mace barer was present as the Mayor was here in his capacity as First Citizen of Gateshead, a role he has when Her Majesty The Queen is not in Gateshead. 
This was important because the Mayor was attending a very important garden party as the representative of The Queen who was unfortunately unavailable on Tuesday afternoon. We were hosting a royal garden party as a launch to our new unit of work called Bright Lights, Big City, where we are learning all about our nation's capital and also aspects of the monarchy. 
Everyone had a fantastic afternoon with the Mayor and Mayoress and the class are planning to write to the Mayor to thank him for making the time to visit and to share some of their work with him.