Reception Round Up

18th October 2019
Autumn Term Week 7
This week it definitely started to feel like autumn in our class. We started the week by exploring the different winter squashes we had. The class also had to work together to carve out a pumpkin. It took the children nearly two days to open the pumpkin and clean all the contents out. It was one very big pumpkin!
The children also gathered leaves outside for our pictures for the school art project. They gathered so many different types and colours as well as spotting seed pods and unusual stones. We had such a great choice for our art project. The children even had time to set up their own outdoor drawing mural and drew families, mer-boys and robots.  
The artwork had the theme of 'when nature and city come together.' The children made some amazing pieces of art using natural objects, our leaves and also objects within the classroom.
Later on in the week the children had another problem to solve. There were two frozen hands in the pumpkin with objects trapped inside. Using only lollipop sticks and salt, the children had to work together to melt the hands. They managed to melt the hands and free our good friend orange crayon and also yellow crayon.There were happy faces all round as orange crayon was released to roam the classroom, now with his sidekick, yellow crayon. 
See you after the half term!