Science Week!

9th March 2020

It’s British Science Week this week! Monday 11th March saw us embark upon British Science Week. The children across the school participated in a range of exciting investigations exploring a range of topics and tasks linked to this year’s theme of ‘our diverse planet’.


As a school, we have been encouraging young people to think about and

investigate the world around us; from the changes in seasons and climate, to the development and implications of modern technology on our natural world and the biomes within it.


Each class has taken on activities based around a specific biome, (deserts, rainforests, grasslands, woodlands, The Savannah and The Tundra) and studied; what their specific biome was, learn about the diversity of that area, what the threats are on that environment and how we could support that biome.


We organised a whole-school assembly where children from Reception to Year 6 presented what they had learnt and made over the activities.


If you would like to talk to your child more about British Science Week and get involved, please see the link below.