Tour of Britain

1st September 2019
Year 5 and 6 were incredibly lucky this week as they got to see world class international sport close up. 
On Tuesday morning, the Tour of Britain cycle race passed through Gateshead, so the two classes walked down to Lamesley to get among the action.
The half hour before the cycles passed through was almost as entertaining as the race itself, with a variety of team cars, tv crews and race officials passing by in their customised cars. The undoubted highlight though were the police officers who were on duty at the roundabout; each time a new officer took over control of the scene they found a new way to entertain the children. The favourite seemed to be the policeman who, whilst driving away, performed a dab for the classes!
When the time came for the race itself to pass by it was literally blink and you’ll miss it, as the speed at which the racers flew by us was breathtaking.
 Mr Ridley