Radio 4 visit school

17th January 2022
Radio 4 visit school to make a new documentary on mining communities
Four of our Year 6 pupils met with Hermeet and Anabel from Radio 4 today to discuss what life is like in a former mining community. They asked if they could come and record some interviews with pupils from our school after we had been involved in some previous work with them around the COP26 climate summate in Glasgow – a piece of work which resulted in some of our students having their work projected onto the side of the BBC Scotland building for all delegates and World Leaders to see.

Out students really impressed the team from the BBC with their depth of knowledge and understanding of how the community had changed since the mine closed. Having studied the local mining heritage in their work during the Firedamp and Davy Lamps unit in Year 5, they all had plenty to say!

When the final documentary is broadcast, we will share the link so everyone can find out more about our mining heritage.