News of the week!

1st May 2019
Sports Day is on the horizon!
Sports day 2019 is coming up soon, and everyone is buzzing! We wish to encourage children across the school to stay mobile and to enjoy themselves.we we will take part in activities such as; running, throwing, skipping and fun games. The day will take place on Wednesday 22nd of May. Sports day will be organised with various years taking part in various activities at different times. Miss Byrne will be in charge of the scoring system and Mr Ridley will be in charge of the event as a whole. Each class will be separated into their respective houses, amassing a total score based on their performance. The day takes place to keep children fit and healthy and to have fun whilst doing so. It also gives us the opportunity to exercise our brains in different multicultural events too. Many pupils state that they are excited and we look forward to seeing the final results, especially the parents race.
News from around the world!
This month, Body Shop are launching a campaign into reducing plastic wastage in India , trying to help people make more money round the world environmentally friendly and safe.Through paying people a fair wage,they hope to make vulnerable people lives easier and increasingly enjoyable as well as less disease-filled. To stop plastic from going going to waste,the Body Shop promise to use it in their 250ml plastic bottles. We hope to see the scheme work and help lots people world-wide, especially India.