Tie for Titanic Team

28th March 2019
Close for Kibby
Before the match, we got on a coach and I talked to Cameron about the game. They had played Bournmoor before, losing 2-1 once and winning 2-1 once. He said that he couldn't predict the outcome. 
They were energetic and lively once we got to the tiny ground. In training, which was very short, they did well and were excited. The starting line-up was: Thomas- George- Matthew Cox- Ethan- Christopher, and Jake( in goal).
Addy talked about how important keeping possesion was. He was very happy about the quality of defence.
A substitute of Matthew.C off for Gratsian, and Christopher came off for Cameron, was early on. The recent substitute said, " It's gone well but they've had a couple of chances." 
Just then, the other team scored, making it 1-0 to Bournmoor. Right then, Thomas equalised. After this, it was half time, and the starting line-up was reset.
They were playing very well at the start of the second half. Then Cameron came on for Thomas , Christopher finally scored, making it 2-1 ! Now ,a free kick to Bournmoor. they closely missed. Matthew.C came off for Gratsian. Just then, a penalty was given to the opposition. They scored making it 2-2  with 2 minutes left. And the whistle went.
Their man of the match was the keeper. Ours was Thomas. Afterwards, Cameron said he was pleased for the draw but frustrated about not securing the win.