Awesome Reading

18th October 2019
Fantastic reading progress from our Accelerated Reader year groups! 
This morning we came together in the hall to celebrate some great progress in reading. At the start of the year all of our pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 took a STAR reading assessment which helped to place them on the correct reading level to make the best progress possible, At the end of the half term the children have been retested with great progress. 
The majority of pupils made progress, reading well and enjoying some of the new books we have in school this year, but some made exceptional progress. 45 of our children made more than six months progress in seven weeks - a fantastic achievement. And perhaps even more impressively, one of our pupils, Lucas in Year 6 has joined the Millionaire's Club, reading an amazing 1.4 MILLION words since September. 
Congratulations to everyone who has read and enjoyed books this term. Your hard work is clearly paying off with improved reading scores and a real love of reading throughout the school. 
I can't wait to see what you can achieve next half term!