American Diner

19th January 2020
Enjoying a tate of America
Year 4 took to the kitchen recently to try and recreate an American themed menu to learn about some of the famous dishes from across the Atlantic. Working in teams, the children cooked hot dogs, made burgers, and a new dish to everyone, the Tenessee one pot. Another group took care of the drinks with some healthy smoothies. 
As well as finding out more about the United States, the lesson focused on the skills associated with frying, baking, grilling and boiling foods. All of our chefs considered hygene and safety, and produced some great food which they all had the opportunity to sample in their American themed diner at the end of the afternoon. 
Everyone had a great afternoon, worked well in their teams, and had the chance to experience something new  - and of course learned about new ways to cook and prepare food. 
What out Yvonne!