Reception Round Up

4th October 2019
Autumn Term Week 5
During bagel time on Monday, one key worker group were discussing their favourite colours. The children have also been drawing rainbows, mixing paints and of course drawing their families. 
Based on their interests, we introduced the class to the book, 'The day the crayons quit.' We loved the story and looked at and acted out the crayon emotions. You have never seen so many grumpy faces in one class!
After the story we made a class tally chart using a new number 5 in the tally. We noticed that pink was very popular but there were some colours that were not mentioned at all!
The next afternoon the children walked into the classroom and spotted a letter and orange crayon. "He is sad!" Orange crayon definitely had a sad face and tears. 
We read the letter and found out that the crayon was unhappy as nobody had picked him as their favourite colour.
After that there was a flurry of activity, the class went off to draw orange pictures and pictures using their favourite colours. They also wrote 'letters' to the crayon. One letter said, 'you can stay at my house and have a cup of tea.'
Then some children started making crayon friends using the resources in the room, including making a flying crayon. During the activity they discussed where the crayon come from. "He came through the hole up there." 
Some children suspected he had climbed up from the floor and had come from the school. Our crayon friend was a point of interest to anyone who dared to enter the room. Any visitor got bombarded by 23 four and five year olds desperate to show our crayon escapee! 
Watch this space as there were more colours missing on our list!