Reception Round Up

11th October 2019
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Autumn Term Week 6
This week in maths we have been working on our counting skills. We used the Number Blocks story to start our learning skill. In the story, number three had been counting incorrectly and number five had to help her out by teaching the counting rules. 
Only count an object once (the class decided that we must touch each object once with our finger).
Count in number order (we decided that we also must try to count in lines or a trail and not in random order).
The last number said is the amount (we said 'how many').
The children were great at identifying counting errors during the week and became very keen maths problem solvers. They quickly decided that three wasn't the greatest at counting and needed their expert help! 
The children also worked in groups to count different representations of numbers and to match them with the right numeral. Even tallies were not an issue, as one child said, "look 1,2,3,4 and line across 5." 
The class worked well and loved solving as teams. Watch out number block three they are coming to teach you how to count correctly!