News of the week!

7th May 2019
Year 2 take on the SAT's
Every May, the Year 2's have to participate in the once in a lifetime Key Stage One SAT's. The tests are used to help teachers know where pupils are excelling and where they need more help.
When we were interviewing the courageous Year 2's a lot of opinions were shared.
K Smith stated, "I feel good about the SAT's and i'm really excited about it!" 
"I'm very confident and I think I'll do well!" A Santry noted. 
We wish all the teachers and Year 2 students that take part in the SAT's good luck! 
Girls get Gold!
On Friday the 3rd of May, the Kibby girls got gold at Whickham Sports Centre in a football tournament. In the first match, M. White unexpectedly scored in the bottom corner making the half time score 1-0. In the second half, O. Carr dodged the defenders and glanced by the goalie making the final score 2-0! In the second match, Mya and Olivia once again lead us to victory with there amazing striking ability. Continuing our positive work in the 3rd match we came top of our league, securing joint first place!
Well done to all involved!
Six's SAT's coming in FAST!
The annual Yr.6 SATS are only 3 school days away ! Thanks to Miss. Breheny, all of the students are feeling good about them.
J. Gunn said, "It goes quick, and i'ts not very hard if you try hard!" 
J. Withycombe thinks that he's well prepared.
It seemed that all kids are comfortable and are ready for the challenge!