Guardians of the Gardens!

11th June 2019
Guardians of the Garden!
Do Ga-mora in your gardens! Rocket towards to your flower and protect the bees.
Bees are rocketing towards extinction. We need to keep them alive! Be the Star-Lord of your garden and make bees becoming a thing of the past a Matis-y!
We need to stop this before it is too late. First of all, we can grid of pesticides and avoid killing them before they have a chance to live and pollinate stuff. As you know, bees have a defence a mechanism in which they sting you when they feel harmed. So you best not harm them or  can cost them their lives! Secondly, let them roam freely around your garden so they can pollinate your flowers. If you wish to let bees to contiune their lives, please follow all of these instructions.
If there wasn't any bees, we wouldn't have as many flowers, then we would have to live with honey all the hundreds of products that contain it FOREVER! Don't scare your children away from these beautiful, yet bothersome creatures.  
Transition Looms!
As transition gets closer and closer, some of our school news team are looking to the future of their educational career. We asked them what they are looking forward to Year 6 and what they may miss from Year 5!
"I am excited to do the SATs as I like tests and I will miss Mr McGill." CR
"I am looking forward to Year 6 because I like doing loads of assessments, but I am sad because I don't want to leave Mr McGill behind." - A.W.
"Year 6 brings a new teacher and I can't wait for the challenge, but I am going to miss the current Y6 class." AA
"I am elated to do the SATs, however I will be frustrated leaving Mr McGill's creativity behind". L.C
"I am excited to do the hard work of Year 6, I will be frustrated having to leave Year 5 and Mr McGill behind." JW
"I am looking forward to sitting on the benches in assembly, I will the inflatable globe from class question time." COL
"I will miss Mr McGill, but I am hoping for a nice teacher next year!" MA
"I am going to miss all the good memories in Year 5. Although, I really am going to miss Mr McGill. I am excited to be the oldest class in the school!" MM