Reception Round Up

15th November 2019
Autumn Term B Week 3
This week Reception have been working on lots of activities linked to our Anti Bullying Week and our Maths Week. 
The week started off with our fantastic odd socks day. Everyone came in with a fabulous range of socks and we even took time to design our own odd sock. The next day we looked into a story using the puppets. The class had to decide what they would do next, when a problem arose in the story and discuss it with each other. The next day the class had to work together to make a magic pen drawing. They had work together to cross each others lines and use the space they had. A great effort by everyone! Finally on the last day we made a ribbon circle where we sang about being kind and caring.
Maths week was full of some tricky challenges. the first challenge was to explain why we had ten fingers. Our 'ten little fingers' song came in great use then. The next day we had to work out the total of number of sides using three triangles. This was a little bit trickier but when that 'a-ha' light bulb moment came, the class were off at speed to solve it. The last challenge was using gems and treasure chests to count and compare with friends. Throughout the week we used great maths language and really worked on explaining why we know the answer is right.
So overall this week we have proved that we are kind, caring, fearless problem solvers with a love of   glitter and great taste in socks!