Reception Round Up

8th November 2019
Autumn Term B Week 2
This week saw some changes in our classroom. The children walked into lots of different lights to use in their play. Everything was bright and shiny. Even the water tray had changed. One child noticed and said "I think a fairy has been and dropped the glitter."
Later on one of the girls spoke about the glitter. "It's yellow crayon he put the glitter in."
Well surprise, surprise yellow crayon turned up after lunch with a challenge. He left lots of torches and asked the class to make shadows and change the colour of the light from the torch. Nearly 20 minutes later it was finally cracked. Blocks, post its, tissue paper and fabric were investigated and most were found to be successful. 
On Thursday our P.E. lesson was focused on putting together our animal moves with partners. The children decided on the order to move and worked on perfecting their moves from slithering snakes to prowling lions. A fantastic effort by all and great teamwork!
Next week will see our class focusing on Anti Bullying Week and Maths Week. Watch out for our next round up.