Reception Round Up

31st October 2019
Autumn Term B Week 1
This week there was a big interest in drawing pumpkins. The children drew many different styles and one even had six mouths! All the drawings used orange and green colours (yes orange strikes again) and when asked, 'pumpkins are orange.'  This led to activities planned and set up based on the children's interests, over the next few days.
The next day the class walked into a big ghost pumpkin. "Is this a pumpkin?"
Then the children used tools to carve it and were quickly surprised. "It's white, now it's green."
"Ooh it's orange," as they got it opened.
"It smells of cucumbers," and there was a lovely fresh aroma in the room.
The next day we worked in small groups to design a pumpkin face to use as a template. There were some fabulous designs and they all looked very different.
Later the children had the opportunity to carve their design onto an orange pepper, using a sharp pencil and a felt tip pen. As the pictures show there was great concentration in the task and they were really pleased with their design.
A fantastic job by all of Reception class and all their own work too.