Juniors Jump into Journalism

30th April 2019
Welcome to our new club report!
Who are we and what are we doing?
This new news club is ran to tell you the latest news from Kibblesworth Primary Academy and beyond.
Why are we doing this?
We are doing this to make parents and other people around the community aware of what is going on in and outside of school!
What do we want to achieve this year?
This year the Knights of the News Table wish to spread information across the school by updating the website regularly and create a final newsletter at the end of the term! The website will inform you of upcoming events and changes that may be taking place at the school and in the future. As well as our main work we will also notify you about tournaments and matches that Kibby Academy teams will take part in. For example: This Friday, the girls football team (coached by Mr Ridley) will be taking part in a tournament. We will also tell you about new clubs opening and potential things you may want to join.
Opportunities for news and why it is important for us to have a voice!
The Knights of the News table will be doing news reports on multiple things, these are; football, assemblies, tests and cool experiments. We think it is necessary for children to have a voice. Mini news think they can do that by starting this journalism club. You can trust kids to have more imagination in their work!