Whilst children are on our phonics programme (RWI), they get weekly spellings that are focussed on the sounds they are learning along with suitable ‘red words’.

Once children have completed RWI phonics, they progress onto RWI spelling. Within this, children are taught a spelling rule over two weeks to ensure it is fully embedded and can be seen to be applied in their independent work. Across the 2 weeks, children learn the definition of new vocabulary, add suffixes and prefixes to their spellings, identify the graphemes and also look at exceptions to the rule. Children play a range of application activities such as, ‘Dictation’ and ‘Four in a Row’ to practise their spellings before they are tested.

To promote retention , children get 2 tests per unit: 1 on current spellings patterns and another on High Frequency Words.
Spellings are revisited within our English Writing lessons and are built into teachers modelled, guided writing.