Overview of Science

Science is taught across all key stages within the school and takes a prominent place in the school curriculum. As an Academy, we realise that a solid foundation in all of the areas of science is vital in ensuring our pupils have the greatest chance of success at Secondary and beyond. Through following the National Curriculum Programmes of study for Key Stages 1 and 2, we ensure that the children receive a well balanced curriculum that prepares them well for future learning.

Our aim as Science teachers is to do more than impart facts and knowledge, although this is clearly important; it is to make the children curious about the world around them and how it works. We believe that we have the greatest chance of success by making the children enthusiastic about the subject matter in front of them, and allowing them to take a practical enquiry based approach to their learning that develops skills far beyond the acquisition of knowledge and facts.

Key elements of our approach to the teaching of science:
  • Our approach to science is driven by an approach that puts scientific enquiry at the heart of science teaching.
  • It is set out to sustain pupils’ natural curiosity, so that they are eager to learn the subject content as well as develop the necessary investigative skills.
  • It is informed by accurate and timely assessment of how well the children are developing their understanding of science concepts, to ensure that the teaching is adapted to meet the needs of every child.
  • We try to develop literacy and mathematics skills throughout science to allow the children to see the connections and make links between different parts of the curriculum.
  • In order to enthuse and engage we try to make science FUN!
For further information please feel free to download a copy of the new National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Key Stage 1 and 2 below: