Management of Maths

Monitoring and evaluating
The Maths Co-ordinator to carry out scrutiny of work and planning on a regular basis as directed by the Senior Leadership Team. The Co-ordinator will carry out observations of lessons in a formal and informal manor across the year.

Role of the Maths Co-ordinator
  • To know the legal requirements of Mathematics
  • To keep up to date with any changes to Mathematics, its teaching, learning, assessment, data analysis, recording and reporting through appropriate literature and professional development activities
  • To identify resources needed and oversee their maintenance
  • To identify training needs and deliver when and where appropriate
  • To ensure continuity, progression and challenge in skills, concepts and knowledge
  • To develop an action plan for the forthcoming year using quality evidence and data analysis
  • To promote Maths through quality display, visits, and information/workshops for parents
  • Report on the progress of Maths to the Governing Body.
  • To analyse data with and create an action plan from the data
Role of the Class Teacher
  • To plan and teach Maths effectively and enthusiastically, on a daily basis
  • To assess, keeping up-to-date records, including marking in line with marking guidelines
  • To use targets and standardised work to identify children’s abilities against the National Curriculum and have a good understanding of progression and how to allow children to progress further
  • To exploit opportunities for using and applying, both within Maths lessons and across the curriculum
  • To report to parents orally and in writing, regarding their child’s ability, progress and next steps in Maths
Role of the Governors
  • SATs results are shared with the Governing Body
  • Governors are kept up to date at meetings on any developments in Maths