Year 3- Tremors

Last half term, Year 3 studied geology, the study of rocks and palaeontology the study of fossils in their topic Tremors.


The children took part in live video Q&A’s with a geologist and a palaeontologist to expand their knowledge on those subjects and bring the topic to life through memorable experiences.

 First up, Year 3 spoke with Dr Clare Bond a Geologist who is a also a lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. Dr Bond talked through her rock collection, provided an overview of rock types and rock families, shared her experiences of Geology trips and most importantly took questions from a live Year 3 audience.

Year 3 were also lucky enough to speak to Dr Caitlin Syme, live from Brisbane, Australia about her work in palaeontology. Dr Syme a palaeontologist, frequent TED Talk academic and lecturer at The University of Queensland, shared various fossils and research trip stories with the children, along with the opportunity for the Year 3 to address Dr Syme with their own enquiries.