GTMA Provision

What support should Gifted and Talented/More Able pupils be given?


Once the More Able have been identified, our school will begin a coherent and consistent provision strategy. This will usually involve a combination of the following methods of support:


Enrichment: this is when a student is encouraged to go beyond the usual limits of a subject or topic. Enrichment activities might involve extra classroom exercises or more open-ended project work or competitions. Pupils will be provided with the opportunity to extend their understanding with use of advanced forms of Computing e.g. using MicroBits to further embed and develop skills in coding. Additionally, children may be tasked with creating recourses for lessons, both for their own and other year groups.


Extension: this is when students are given activities that develop higher order thinking skill and working practices. Extension activities help students to work with greater autonomy and self-discipline. The activities range from a variety of extra-curricular work based inside the classroom and out. Once identified as G&T, pupils will be invited to become part of our school’s “Digital Leaders”. As part of the group, pupils will contribute to the over-arching Computing support within school. They will work towards providing support in class throughout IT and Computing lessons, acting as a “Genius” in their topic, as well as assisting in creating content used to educate others across the school, through the use of informative and instructional videos in topics such as Online Safety and Digital Literacy. Children will also be tasked with managing many of the pages within the school website, in addition to managing pupil reviews of topics and understanding. Digital leaders will take lead in creating school blog, reviewing achievements of school, week by week, including roll of honour and or any school-specific news. Digital Leaders club to be ran after-school, free of charge, in hopes of pushing children’s ability further with the use of advanced software and/programming and control opportunities. An additional, stand-alone Computing club, will also be ran, providing those who like Computing, but are not G&T, with a chance to stretch their skills and understanding with hopes of becoming G&T in the future. Additionally, Digital leaders will be provided with hoodies, similar to the school’s Sports Crew, as well as provided with the responsibility to lead staff CPD in the future.