Times Table Rock Stars

Madeleine 0.67
Sienna 0.83
Charlotte 0.88
Owen 1.00
Alexa 1.02
Gracjan 1.03
James 1.23
Kiera 1.24
Charlotte 1.28
Alice 1.29
Poppy 2.96
Welcome to our hall of fame for Times Table Rock Stars! 
Everyone from Year 2 upwards is working hard to reduce their response times on Rock Stars, and here we see the results. 
Madeleine, Sienna and Charlotte are our current Rock Heroes, with finger-blisteringly quick times! All three girls are currently answering each question in under 1 question, which is truly remarkable!
Our Rock Legends round out the top 10 fastest children, but such is the competitiveness recently that there are 27 more children currently ranked as Legends too!
Congratulations to everyone who has made the hall of fame this week.