Sports Crew

Meet the team

Each year, we give children the opportunity to apply to become members of the Kibblesworth Academy Sports Crew. Children are asked to complete an application form to show why they would like to be selected, and then current Sports Crew members interview the children to decide who is chosen to join.

Children have many different roles, including:
Organising and running intra-school sporting events
Attending inter school sports events, either representing Kibblesworth or to report on the event
Organising lunch time activities
Researching and reporting on children's thoughts and ideas regarding PE and school sport, and implementing changes linked to their findings
Promoting and championing PE and school sport throughout the school
Overall the sports crew is there to set example to their peers, promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, encourage others to play sport, and join after school clubs. 
Upcoming events
Showing Potential Event (Year 5) - May 20th 2019.
School Games Day - May 22nd 2019.