Reading Rails

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Plan your reading and win awards! 
Why not look in your reading journal or learning journal and see which stickers and certificates you could win by completing our Reading Rails challenges? Read you first Reading Rails book? - REWARD! Read three books on one line? - REWARD! Read a book that crosses two lines? You've just won your STATION MASTER award!
All aboard the Reading Rails! 
Ever fancied reading something different but didn't know where to look? Reading Rails is your answer! 
A collection of carefully selected books from a range of genres and authors which will take you to new places and on new adventures.
Why not try to achieve some of our challenges, like reading one book from each line, or even a complete line if you really like a certain style of writing? Each book comes with an accelerated reader test, and some of our lines have their own specially created Kahoot quizes and activities. 
When you've read you book, get your ticket stamped and move on to the next title! 
Who know's where your next book will take you? 
Reading Rails Journey One Map
Reading Rails Journey Two Map