Year 1

Learning challenges
Bright Lights, Big City
Make a cityscape artwork and take it to school to share with the class.

Search the web with an adult to find images of different cities in the world. Create a scrapbook of your favourite cities and include pictures, labels and captions. Can you find and record a short fact about each city?

Create and label a picture or map of a fantasy city. What type of buildings would be in your city and what would they look like? What transport would people use in this city?

Build a real or fantasy city using Lego, blocks or 3-D junk material from home. Play with your city using figures and vehicles.

Draw a map of a city and direct a toy car or figure using words such as forwards, backwards, straight ahead, left, right, up, down, under and over. You can use numbers too if you like.

Create a city song to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus. Your song should start with, ‘I went to the city, and I saw…’
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