Times Table Rock Stars

Owen 1.26
Charlotte 1.35
Abby 1.59
Madeleine 1.69
Eve 1.83
Sarah Jane 1.87
Elena 1.95
Charlotte 1.98
Ethan 2.13
Sienna 2.26
Mose 2.30
George 2.43
Lucas 2.48
Catherine 2.67
Chloe 2.73
Poppy 2.96
Welcome to our hall of fame for Times Table Rock Stars! 
Everyone from Year 2 upwards is working hard to reduce their response times on Rock Stars, and here we see the results. 
This week Owen has managed to top the table, but it has been quite a battle between him and Charlotte for top spot with the number one ranking changing three times over the week. A good week for Owen, with his contribution not only bagging him the fastest time in the school, but helping the boys win the Battle of the Bands in his class. 
Owen and Charlotte better keep an eye on those coming up behind though as Abby is getting faster week by week and it will be a three way battle next week to see who can come out on top. 
Congratulations to everyone who has made the hall of fame this week.