Curriculum Aims
The role of Religious Education is to help prepare and equip all pupils for life in contemporary Britain by enabling them to acquire a good level of religious literacy. This means to gain an understanding of the diverse beliefs and religious practices of our faith communities, to understand the secular world view held by a number of people in our society, and to respect the right of all people to make these very personal choices.

We believe that pupils should have the opportunity:
  • TO EXPLORE the teachings, beliefs and practices of the principal faiths and belief systems in our society. This means that, for each of the faiths specified in the syllabus, they should be helped to acquire a core of knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the faith narrative, the principal stories, sacred texts, rituals, symbolism and lifestyles relating to them.
  • TO ENGAGE with the big questions about our life in the world, our value as people, our identity and our responsibilities. This means that pupils should be helped to respond to the big questions that their experience of life raises and to be able to express their thoughts relating their experiences and responses to those of other individuals and groups.
  • TO REFLECT on the challenges that are presented by living in a diverse world and to develop the skills and attitudes that enable people to live well by successfully accommodating difference. This means developing the ability to recognise bias, prejudice and discrimination in ourselves and others and to develop the ability to make informed judgements and responsible choices.
Section 375 of the Education Act 1996 requires that the Agreed Syllabus must reflect the fact that religious traditions in Great Britain are for the most part Christian but that the teaching and practices of he other religions represented in Great Britain must be taken into account.

The ‘other religions’ that are specified in the Gateshead Agreed Syllabus are:
In Early Years and Primary:
  • Judaism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
For more detail, please feel free to look at our agreed syllabus for RE below: