Meet the mentors

Giving a helping hand
Being a mentor is a very big responsibility. It means more than just remembering to pick up your badge every day. As mentors, our pupils understand the importance of being there for everyone, showing respect, and keeping everyone safe across the school. 
They understand that being a mentor means that you help anyone anyway you can. As well as setting a good example, our mentors are undertaking training on conflict resolution and peer mediation so they can help everyone make positive choices and prevent small problems becoming bigger ones. 
They know that being a mentor isn't about bossing people around, but about helping everyone to be the best they can be, Mentors can nominate pupils across the school for rewards through "positive prefecting."
Our mentors are our ambassadors, and increasingly spread the word about our fantastic school by showing visitors around and letting them know about the life of the school. 
All of our pupils know that our mentors are there to help, and they perform a valuable role within  our school family.