In  September 2014, the new National Curriculum made learning a language compulsory in Key Stage 2.
'Languages are an essential part of a broad, balanced curriculum. Not only do they provide an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, they also help children to understand what it is to be a global citizen. This includes the importance of tolerance and understanding, which is crucial knowledge in today’s world'.
Our belief here at Kibblesworth Academy is that languages play an integral part in an exciting and challenging curriculum. A love of languages is strongly promoted and teaching and learning continues to thrive. Enthusiastic teachers and pupils all enjoy French lessons as well as the cultural opportunities that are on offer.
Since January 2021 we have chosen to work with With Primary Languages Network at Kibblesworth Academy.  With the flexible approach to teaching offered, our teachers are able to learn on-the-go, teach interactively as well as attend CPD events.
Last September, we adapted our languages curriculum to reflect the children's levels and gaps in their knowledge and skills having missed considerable language teaching and learning over the past two years. We planned for rapid progress through a recap of basic vocabulary, phonics and grammar as a way to address any gaps in the children's knowledge. 
For Years 4, 5 and 6, previously acquired knowledge has been revisited before moving on to the next stage of learning in the late autumn term and early spring term.
Year 3 began their exciting language journey in September and look forward to their weekly lessons.
Every lesson is interactive and filled with songs, games, lots of practise. We create a calm, purposeful and challenging language learning experience for children to thrive in. 
Language Leaders
We have six Language Leaders here at Kibblesworth Academy. Their role is to be a Language Ambassador across the school and promote a love of learning languages. 
Regular meetings are held with the Language Leaders to discuss how things are going and what we can do as a school to improve and enhance the learning of French. 
Recently, they have been involved in our French school exchange project and learning all about the children in a small French village in the Rhone region of France.
The Language leaders are currently preparing a new and exciting project for after half term which will involve a competition and prize to be won for one of the classes. So watch this space!
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