Days 25 & 26 Singapore

We are still travelling through Asia and now have reached the exciting sovereign island state of Singapore.
Find out about Singapore's attractions including the island of Sentosa, The Gardens by the Bay or The Night Safari.
Or how about looking into Singapore food and trying to make a few dishes or recreating some famous Singapore structures such as The Helix Bridge?
Don't forget to add your photos to the school Twitter feed #katwsingapore. 
It is also World Ocean Day today! 
Why not learn about the oceans near Singapore? What species are found in these oceans? Can you create a poster to help save our oceans? 

What species of animals are in the S.E.A. Aquarium- Singapore?

You can follow this link   to take part in fun, practical activities based around their three pillars of learning:
-Connection: Ocean-based learning 
-Create: Make amazing things
-Celebrate: Championing the big blue 
You will be able to watch videos and complete activities throughout the day, including learning about rockpools, dolphins and how to help save the oceans. 
If you do complete any activities or create any ideas of your own, don't forget to add your photos to our school's twitter account #WorldOceansDay