Our Curriculum & Assessment

At Kibblesworth Academy, we have endeavoured  to create a curriculum that is both stimulating and challenging, using the best resources that are available today, and tailoring them to the needs of the pupils in our school.

We have continually been developing our Curriculum since the new National Curriculum was published in 2014. Currently we are using a creative approach where we combine the skills from across the curriculum to deliver a topic or subject in a stimulating and engaging way. These topics can be literacy based, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Year 3, or George’s Marvelous Medicine in Year 4, to more traditional history and geography based topics, such as Ancient Greece and Rivers.

Moving into the 2017 / 2018 academic year, we have designed a new range of creative units based around geography and history skills, giving our pupils even more opportunity to develop their skills and interests around these subjects. Linked to this is the requirement for cross curricular writing and maths which exists within our units to ensure that the skills developed in the core subjects are also developed and applied to their full potential.

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