Our Ethos, Values and Mission Statement

Our Vision

At Kibblesworth Academy we are committed to helping every child succeed, whatever their background or ability. We want to create a safe, happy, healthy and supportive atmosphere where children can love life, learning and play.

Our Aims

We aim to offer our pupils rich and exciting learning opportunities that will help them to achieve and develop, and inspire them to do their very best.

In supporting them to do this, the school community has subscribed to the following non-negotiable core values:

Celebrate achievement

In all of our classes we celebrate all types of achievement and put enjoyment at the heart of learning.

Inspire learning

We aim to inspire a passion for learning, and give everyone the confidence to try.

Promote empathy

We aim to promote empathy for others and a respect for the right of the individual.

Uphold equality, value diversity

We aim to uphold equality and value diversity

Develop independence and resilience

We aim to develop independence and resilience in all our pupils.

Be prepared

We aim to prepare our pupils for the next stage of their learning, either in this school or the next.

Foster key life skills

We aim to foster key life skills that will support our children to make a positive contribution to society.

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