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Welcome to our school website! Please take a moment to have a look around it, and find out about some of the fantastic things we have been up to here at Kibblesworth Academy. As well as class pages, packed  with information on what we have been studying, trips and events, we also have a selection of pages devoted to our sports clubs,  policies, information on how we spend our sports and pupil premium funding – you name it, you can find it here!  Our curriculum section will tell you all about what we believe in, and how our subjects are structured – and we are constantly updating it and trying to make it better!

If you have any suggestions or comments on our site, please feel free to write in the comment boxes at the bottom of the blogs, or use emails you will find in the contact us section of the site.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site, and please visit again soon to find all of the up to date information about our brilliant school.

Year 1 Fact Finders

Year 1 have started looking at information texts. We had a selection of non-fiction books which we used to find features of an information book. The class spent a long time looking for contents pages, index and glossary, as well as looking at the features on the page. We are going to be making our […]

Light and shadows

Year 3 have been investigating different light sources. They have enjoyed using the torches to form shadows. They looked at the best material to completely block out light and also the best reflective material that they could use for a reflective strip on a book bag.

Handball Heroes

It was a a golden day at the Handball Festival for schools in the Birtley cluster today as the Kibblesworth A team came out on top in a Year 4 competition. George, Matthew, Jake, Charlotte and Thomas not only won the gold medal, they also won every game they played, and didn’t concede a single […]

Reception 96%
Year 1 97%
Year 2 97%
Year 3 97%
Year 4 95%
Year 5 97%
Year 6 - 96%

The Upper Key Stage 2 Hub is the fantastic new home for years 5 and 6. The new buildings are proving very popular with staff and pupils alike, with lots of room for both classes, plus an extra room for times when a little more space is required. With wifi, air conditioning and brand new resources, the two oldest classes in the school have everything they need to achieve highly.

We have just had our official opening of these fantastic new classrooms – click here to read the blog.

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